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Taurus November 2012 Career Horoscope

Cut the Clutter

It's all about relationships this month. November starts with the Sun in emotional Scorpio and your 7th House of Others. Alliances may be tested as the need to cut out wasted time and energy becomes more and more important. You could attract individuals who are secretive or demanding, and it might feel like you're being manipulated. Obviously, letting yourself be pushed around will not benefit your career. Eliminating individuals or activities that aren't producing what you need is worth considering.

Communicative Mercury is retrograde in partnership areas of your chart from November 6-26, making it smart to slow down and reassess, rather than pressing ahead with an unfavorable deal. Other people may withhold key information or be relying on overly optimistic or outdated information.

The Sun enters enthusiastic Sagittarius on November 21, which can broaden your thinking and attract visionary allies. However, your magnetic ruling planet Venus enters Scorpio the same day, keeping relationship issues, especially trust, on the front burner. Looking at people with a more discerning eye helps you to recognize where to step away or where to invest even more of yourself.

On November 26, Venus joins serious Saturn, giving you a clearer picture of where you stand with others. Then, on November 28-29, you'll be ready to act on this new awareness.