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Virgo November 2012 Career Horoscope

Keep the Faith

Precision and practicality are the name of your game, but both may be lacking this month. That's because your cerebral ruling planet Mercury starts November in optimistic Sagittarius, where faith counts more than facts. Then, on November 6, Mercury turns retrograde and will remain in reverse until November 26. This is usually a period when information gets cloudy, messages muddled and technology becomes balky.

Double-checking details is one way to reduce errors. And while it's helpful to avoid making mistakes, there is some creative value for you during this period. It's a time to look back at old dreams and find inspiration there. Even failures from the past can spark creative thinking about the future. Give yourself permission to have impractical ideas, because although you may not be able to apply them effectively in your professional life, they could branch off into others concepts that are desirable and doable.

On November 13, Mercury's square with squishy Neptune is both particularly imaginative and vulnerable to confusion. You get a positive push from assertive Mars when it enters fellow earth sign Capricorn November 16. This is very useful for persistently pursuing projects. Even though Mercury remains retrograde, you may feel more energetic and better able to stick to your commitments and demonstrate them at a high level of competence.