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November 2013 Career Horoscope

Starting slow, finishing strong

The first order of business this month is to double check critical facts and communications. Verbal Mercury is retrograde until November 10, which tends to muddle messages , miss meaningful details, and lead to complications with equipment and travel. A little caution can go a long way to eliminating these problems. On the plus side, Mercury Retrograde is excellent for tightening up systems and reconnecting with people from the past.

Active Mars' presence in precise Virgo is also helpful for streamlining procedures and maintaining the highest quality of performance. Additional training may be needed to enhance current skills or to develop new ones. The Scorpio New Moon is generally helpful for making new business alliances, but the one on November 3 is joined with serious Saturn. This is a demanding alignment that requires more scrutiny and better planning to make deals work. Patience is a key ingredient for earning trust while trying to rush anything or anyone is less likely to succeed.

Alluring Venus enters practical Capricorn on November 5, which generally increases ambition and is useful for mixing business and pleasure. But Venus forms stressful alignments with shocking Uranus on November 14 and opposes provocative Pluto on November 15, which can shake working relationships.

Sudden changes of attitudes and finances require innovation and flexibility to turn a potential loss into a gain. Be prepared to narrow your focus and your expectations rather than spreading yourself too thin. November 25-28, on the other hand, is excellent for professional contacts, conversations and expanded opportunities.

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