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Cancer Love Horoscope: November 2013

Look before you leap

The good news is that the Sun is in sexy Scorpio and your 5th House of Romance until November 21. This should put more spice into your personal life as your power of seduction and taste for pleasure grows. Scorpio can come on strong, but it is more often about sending subtle signals. There is a chance that what you say and do can be misinterpreted during the first half of the month, though.

Verbal Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio and your playful 5th House until November 10, increasing the chances that your words and actions will not be clear to people. Make sure your signals are properly read to avoid romantic complications. The upside of Mercury Retrograde is that it offers a second chance to fix problems with a partner. It's also excellent for reconnecting with creative activities that have fallen by the wayside.

The Scorpio New Moon on November 3 falls in this happy part of your chart, but it is closely accompanied by cranky Saturn. The ringed planet works best with careful planning and patience, requiring you to think deep about what you desire before acting. Taking charge of a relationship in a way that doesn't look bossy is a healthy expression of this lunation.

On November 5, love planet Venus marches into serious Capricorn and your 7th House of Partners. This can attract responsible people or add maturity to a current union. Still, craziness with others may ensue when Venus slams into hard aspects with shocking Uranus on November 14 and manipulative Pluto on November 15.

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