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Gemini Horoscope: November 2013

Devlish details

This month is all about improving your life by eliminating unhealthy habits and developing greater efficiency in your daily routine. November begins with perceptive Mercury in your 6th House of Work, where it's moving backward to bring your attention to unfinished business until Nov. 10. Minor matters at your job could become major issues if you don't start fixing them quickly.

The fourth of seven transformational Uranus-Pluto squares occurs in your sensitive 12th and 8th houses on Nov. 1, awakening volcanic emotions that could rock your world. Pay close attention to your feelings, but think carefully before you act on them.

The Scorpio New Moon on Nov. 3 is a Solar Eclipse in your 6th House of Daily Routine that signals fresh challenges in your place of employment. Happily, industrious Mars in Virgo sextiles this Sun-Moon conjunction, enhancing your ability to handle any unexpected changes.

Reliable allies are a must when enterprising Venus enters disciplined Capricorn and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on Nov. 5. It's better to have demanding partners with high standards than easygoing ones who lack commitment, loyalty or professionalism.

Exercise financial restraint when extravagant Jupiter turns retrograde in your 2nd House of Money on Nov. 7. Methodical management of your material and emotional resources gives you the staying power to achieve your most ambitious goals.

On Nov. 17, the pastoral Taurus Full Moon shines in your metaphysical 12th House of Spirituality, reminding you that peace and quiet are essential for recharging your batteries and lifting your spirits.

The Sun fires into outgoing Sagittarius and your 7th House of Others on Nov. 21, attracting adventurous partners and enabling you to be a more dynamic spokesperson for your beliefs.

Keep in Mind this Month

Tackling small but essential tasks is tedious work, but it will help you weave a web of efficiency that ultimately allows you to get more done in less time.

Key Dates for Gemini


Nov. 8-11: Into the Mystic

Your vivid imagination allows you to talk your way around a tricky situation. Sweet conversations are supported by expressive Mercury's gentle sextile with pleasing Venus on Nov. 8. This transit is ideal for patching up a misunderstanding with a close friend or colleague. On Nov. 9, a cooperative sextile from action-planet Mars to systematic Saturn in your 6th House of Service raises your productivity without burning you out. Your creativity soars as Mercury forms harmonious trines to intuitive Neptune the day before and after its shift to forward motion on Nov. 10. This is like sprinkling a little fairy dust, showing you just how to send strong messages wrapped up in subtle packages.

Nov. 27-28: Smarty Pants

Mercury's sextile to stylish Venus on Nov. 27 aligns you with people of good taste. But the promises of profit or pleasure will grow even stronger when the messenger planet trines infectious Jupiter on Nov. 28. Your capacity to learn, teach and communicate is at a peak, enabling you to motivate others and inspire them with your wisdom.

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