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Gemini Career Horoscope: November 2013

Mind the details

Managing minor matters carefully can save you from a major headache on the job this month. November begins with chatty Mercury, your adaptable ruling planet, moving in reverse in your 6th House of Employment. This retrograde cycle ends on November 10, but until then there's a greater risk of communication complications, technical difficulties and travel troubles than usual. Double checking details may seem tedious and unrewarding, but tightening up your messages and methods may save you from experiencing a bigger mess.

The upside of this reversal period, though, includes getting second chances to make connections and complete unfinished tasks. Concentration is a must, especially with this transit in intense Scorpio, which is also where the Sun is until November 21. This is a sign of focus that rewards dedication to one task at a time. Don't allow your mind to wander too far afield or to encourage you to take on extraneous activities.

Pushing into new territory is more appropriate as of November 21 when the Sun flies into adventurous Sagittarius and your 7th House of Others. Reaching out to new people and building fresh alliances are favored during the following thirty days. This part of your chart is also associated with the general public, making the Sun's transit there a positive force for selling yourself and promoting ideas. You could, however, attract someone who is overly optimistic, so balance the rising tides of enthusiasm with more than a dash of caution and common sense to put solid ground underneath your lofty plans.

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