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Gemini Love Horoscope: November 2013

Escape from reality

The gift of gab is one of your greatest assets. It's what enables you to start a conversation with almost anyone and to verbally dance around intense moments when the going gets rough. But you're unlikely to take that verbally skillful detour around difficult emotions this month. That's because your ruling planet Mercury spends the entire month in intense Scorpio and the first 10 days of it in retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde is the period when messages are easily muddled and misunderstood. Slowing down to make sure you're on track with someone is essential for having meaningful conversations. While there is a greater likelihood for communication complications during the first half of November, you can use this time to go back and reconnect with people from the past or to patch up recent misunderstandings.

The Sun's entry into enthusiastic Sagittarius lights up your 7th House of Partners on November 21. This is excellent for attracting outgoing and adventurous individuals. It can also inspire you to take more risks with your current partner or in pursuit of someone new.

A solar square with nebulous Neptune on November 24 could inspire fantasy or fraud. Not seeing someone for who he or she is can be romantic, but it's not very realistic. Someone else could project their dreams on you, which can be a great deal of fun when it's positive, but can lead to disappointment when common sense returns. Enjoying a brief escape from reality should be a delight, yet discerning the difference between a moment's pleasure and your long-term needs is a must.

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