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Leo Love Horoscope: November 2013

Patience, young grasshopper

There's a strong note of seriousness in relationships this month that requires some deep introspection. Instead of pushing your way forward with your usual sense of spirit, there's more to be gained by looking inside yourself to reassess your needs in relationships.

The Sun is in deep Scorpio and your 4th House of Roots, where it's likely to stir some powerful feelings about what you have and what you're missing. Don't get stuck in a dark place of doubt, because this transit also empowers you to make constructive changes that can shore up a current relationship or put you in a stronger position to find and build a new one.

Patience, patience and more patience are keys to your success with responsible and calculating Saturn conjunct the Scorpio New Moon on November 3. Verbal Mercury, also in Scorpio, is retrograde in your 4th House until November 10, where it is meant to lead to profound discussions and reassessment of your personal situation.

There's a very different energy in the air when the Sun enters fiery Sagittarius and your 5th House of Romance, Fun and Games on November 21. Your playful side should be showing as you're having fun and expressing yourself boldly. Attracting attention comes easily during the next 30 days, so give yourself plenty of opportunities to be seen.

Imagination could run amuck on November 24, though, when the Sun forms a slippery square with dreamy Neptune. Romantic fantasies can be enjoyable, but don't plan to build on this experience until you think about objectively in the following days.

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