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Libra Career Horoscope: November 2013

Money matters

Managing money and maximizing resources are key ingredients to your professional life this month. You might even have to back out of a deal or return a purchase when you do some recalculations and discover that the costs are greater than the benefits. The two planets driving these issues are the Sun and Mercury, both in the economically astute sign of Scorpio.

They are in your 2nd House of Assets where they impact income, expenditures and self-worth. Mercury is moving backwards in this part of your chart until November 10, which is why it may be appropriate to change your mind about a commitment of cash, time or energy. Don't let Libra politeness stop you from putting your own interests first for awhile instead of trying to save face or make everyone else happy. A potential benefit is discovering ways to get what you need at a lower price.

The creative Sun's presence shows that you may have some untapped talent or other resources that can be profitable when used in new ways. If the stingy Scorpio New Moon on November 3 puts you in a financial bind, don't seek a short-term solution when a patient approach will be more sensible.

On November 5 your ruling planet Venus enters businesslike Capricorn, which is another reason to apply a long-term perspective to professional matters. Discipline, planning and commitment are keys to tapping into the attractive powers of Venus in this pragmatic and ambitious sign. However, sudden changes on November 14 and 15 require flexibility and a willingness to let go of what or who isn't working well for you.

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