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Pisces Horoscope: November 2013

Take the high road

You must face the big questions about your future and the meaning of life head-on this month, because you could be making choices that will affect you for years to come. The fourth of seven world-shaking Uranus-Pluto squares on Nov. 1 creates an undertow of uncertainty, and perhaps a desire to take risks.

Yet November's key event is a Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse on Nov. 3 that falls in your 9th House of Beliefs, requiring you to reconsider your view of reality. Its conjunction with stern Saturn puts a damper on idealism as you are forced to make practical issues your priority. Fortunately, Mars in reputable Virgo sextiles the eclipse, connecting you with competent allies -- a trend that's reinforced when Venus enters productive Capricorn and your 11th House of Social Networking on Nov. 5.

You gain traction in pursuit of your goals when communicative Mercury turns direct on Nov. 10. There may even be a resurgence of faith and imagination when Neptune's retrograde period ends on Nov. 13. Still, finding balance between your pursuit of impossible dreams and the need to attend to the concrete matters of everyday life is brought into focus on Nov. 17, when the sensible Taurus Full Moon brightens your 3rd House of Immediate Environment.

Although you might see yourself pulled apart by these contrasting paths, the Moon's opposition to the enigmatic Scorpio Sun in your 9th House of Philosophy can help you realize that taking care of routine tasks gives a solid base to your search for a higher purpose. The Sun's entry into inspirational Sagittarius and your 10th House of Career on Nov. 21st fuels your ambitions with visionary ideas.

Keep in Mind this Month

It's smarter to seek a way out of obligations that aren't up to your ethical standards than to keep commitments that don't nourish your soul.

Key Dates for Pisces

Nov. 7-12: Star of the Show

A sweet Venus-Neptune sextile takes the rough edges off relationships on November 7. You can maintain your integrity and still be compassionate with lovers, friends and colleagues. Psychic connections and imaginative conversations flow easily with an empathic Mercury-Neptune trine on Nov. 9. Mental magic continues when the messenger planet goes forward on Nov. 10 and trines spiritual Neptune again on Nov. 11. The rising tide of hope empowers you with the radiant Sun's harmonious trine to visionary Jupiter on Nov. 12. The Pisces Moon joins in to create a Grand Water Trine with the Sun and Jupiter, casting a halo around you and inspiring others with your unwavering faith. With all your enthusiasm, it's a great time for promoting your talents, a product you believe in, or a cause dear to your heart.


Nov. 24-26: Daydream Believer

You could get lost in fantasyland or lose your sense of authority on Nov. 24, when the Sun squares spacey Neptune. If you're tired, don't try to overcompensate by misleading others about how you feel or by making impractical promises. Self-sacrifice is not desirable, especially with needy Venus's soft semisquare with Neptune on Nov. 25. While these aspects might inspire dreams, Mercury's conjunction with demanding Saturn attracts doubters who won't respect your ideas unless you back them up with solid facts. If you're feeling negative, commit to doing the hard work and research needed to bolster your plan. Still, you're tempted to brush reason aside with a blissful Sun-Jupiter sesquisquare on Nov. 26.

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