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Pisces Love Horoscope: November 2013

Go after what you want

Your taste for exotic people and experiences could grow stronger this month with the passionate Scorpio Sun in your 9th House of Adventure until November 21. This powerful Water sign touches deep feelings and arouses your hunger to get more out of life. There is some risk, however, of attracting a manipulative person or simply allowing others' desires to control your behavior. It's wonderful you can be so adaptable, but it's better to take a stand, go for what you want and refuse what isn't appealing to you now.

Explaining yourself in ways that others understand is complicated by Mercury Retrograde, which ends on November 10. Take the time to clear your mind and plan any important statements so they are not misinterpreted. It's also wise to not force yourself to talk about something until you're fully prepared for a serious discussion. Happily, sweet Venus' favorable alignment with your imaginative ruling planet, Neptune, can inspire romantic feelings on November 7.

Verbal Mercury makes positive connections with Neptune on November 9 and November 11, which are great for smoothing out differences with people. Just don't hide your true feelings simply to make someone else happy. There are some choppy waters around relationships when Venus makes a hard square to rebellious Uranus on November 14, then joins provocative Pluto the following day. Sudden changes of mood and circumstances are possible, so remain flexible instead of over-reacting.

On November 28, your traditional ruling planet, expansive Jupiter, opposes romantic Venus to enhance pleasure, spur desire and encourage you to be bolder in personal matters.

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