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Scorpio Horoscope: November 2013

A force of nature

You're the center of attention this month with the radiant Sun shining in your sign until Nov. 21. Nevertheless, being in the spotlight may feel like a burden because stern Saturn's long-term visit to loyal Scorpio insists that you take your responsibilities seriously, especially if others are observing and even judging you.

The fourth of seven powerful squares between unstable Uranus and relentless Pluto on Nov. 1 indicates a quickening of the changes that began to unfold last summer and continue to transform the daily rhythms of your life throughout the month. You're in a contemplative period with thoughtful Mercury retrograding in ruminating Scorpio and your 1st House of Personality until Nov. 10, then remaining in your sign throughout the month.

Everyone is watching you as the Scorpio Solar Eclipse on Nov. 3 intensifies your feelings and tempts you to withdraw because it's difficult to maintain your composure. Although retreating might sound like a sensible strategy, there's no reason to step back from your power just to avoid making others uncomfortable.

You may judge yourself harshly or doubt your worthiness to act with authority, but the Sun-Saturn conjunction on Nov. 6 and the Mercury-Saturn conjunction on Nov. 25 give you more impact on others than you realize. The steady Taurus Full Moon on Nov. 17 brightens your 7th House of Partnerships, yet its challenging alignments with vulnerable Venus and the unstable Uranus-Pluto square increase your desire for relationship security without necessarily bringing satisfaction.

The Sun's shift into inspirational Sagittarius on Nov. 21 offers the hope of easier days ahead, and its trine to futuristic Uranus on Nov. 30 reaffirms your optimism.

Keep in Mind this Month

Trust your intuition, even if the answers you receive are not what you expect. There's more going on than meets the eye.

Key Dates for Scorpio


Nov. 1-3: Stranger Than Fiction

Change crashes into your life with unexpected fits and starts as the Sun and Mercury Retrograde create annoying quincunxes with quirky Uranus on Nov. 1, fueled by the volcanic Uranus-Pluto square that continues its disruptive ways. Fortunately, friends and co-workers offer you support when Mars in your 11th House of Social Networking picks up on harmonizing aspects from the Sun, Mercury and Pluto, enabling you to integrate newly acquired information and flow with the shifting tides. The intensity of your willpower is like a high-powered laser on Nov. 3, when the concentrated Scorpio New Moon Eclipse cuts through the noise, unveiling a fresh perspective and resetting the rules of the game. Act on your truth knowing that what you do now will have an enduring impact over the weeks ahead.

Nov. 27-30: Into the Wild Blue Yonder

On Nov. 27-28, fleet-footed Mercury comes to your rescue with a plan to have fun as it harmonizes with the happy-go-lucky Venus-Jupiter opposition. Thankfully, the excitement continues as a risk-taking Sun-Uranus trine on Nov. 30 encourages you to stretch your wings and fly confidently into the future.

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