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Scorpio Career Horoscope: November 2013

Many hands make light work

Decisions that you make this month could have a long-term impact on your career. The Sun is in your sign every year at this time, but what makes this transit so important is the presence of serious Saturn in Scorpio. This is the planet of structure, commitment and responsibility.

It's possible that you might feel frustrated or doubtful early in the month with Saturn's proximity to the New Moon on November 3 and exact conjunction with the Sun on November 6. Yet the ringed planet can also provide the structure and discipline needed to advance professionally. Mental Mercury, also in Scorpio, is retrograde until November 10, which is about completing unfinished business before taking on new projects. The first ten days of the month may involve more complicated conversations and problems with technology and systems.

However, its purpose is to provide a second chance to repair working relationships, improve your skills or reconnect with someone from the past. Your passionate planet Mars spends all of November in efficient Virgo and your 11th House of Groups. Working well with others is more important than usual now. Sure, you may have to deal with an annoying colleague but focusing on the task at hand keeps this from devolving into a personal issue.

The Sun blasts into visionary Sagittarius and your 2nd House of Income on November 21 where it can inspire you to take some chances in pursuit of more rewarding work. Investing in education can be an excellent way to set you up for a more inspiring and profitable future.

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