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Taurus Career Horoscope: November 2013

All hands on deck

It's all about relationships this month with the Scorpio Sun in your 7th House of Others until November 21 and in your 8th House of Deep Sharing for the rest of November. Putting in extra effort to make sure you, your colleagues and customers are on the same page could be critical.

Communicative Mercury is retrograde in your 7th house until November 10, which can complicate contracts. You or the other side may want to back out of an agreement, which can seem inconvenient. But if your interests and understanding are not aligned, it's better to renegotiate now or to cut your losses before you get bogged down in something that you cannot quit. Since you don't like complications, though, it's more likely that you'll be dealing with someone who is difficult to satisfy.

Placating this individual will probably be less beneficial than biting the bullet and letting him or her know what you really feel. Of course, doing so graciously will reduce unpleasantness. On November 3 the New Moon in Scorpio is joined by responsible Saturn, indicating (again) that others may be more demanding. If that happens, slow down instead of reacting too quickly. Saturn works best with patience and thorough planning, so think about the long-term importance of this relationship or issue and approach it with the caution and respect it deserves.

The Sun's shift into adventurous Sagittarius on November 21 can attract people who are more than willing to take chances. Consider what they're saying rather than rejecting it outright because stretching your ambitions might be a good idea.

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