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Virgo Horoscope: November 2013

Your relationship to the children in your world and to your own playful spirit is in the midst of a deep and lasting shift as revolutionary Uranus forms a dynamic square to evolutionary Pluto in your 5th House of Fun. Although this powerful aspect -- the fourth in a series that began on June 24, 2012, and finishes on March 16, 2015 -- is exact on Nov. 1, expect personal and business interactions to be stressed throughout the month as you weigh what you want against what you can realistically expect.

On Nov. 14-15, charming Venus squares unbridled Uranus and joins passionate Pluto in your 8th House of Deep Sharing, intensifying your desires and prompting reckless behavior. Make a plan and stick with it, even if it requires all your discipline and self-restraint, especially when the Scorpio Solar Eclipse conjuncts exacting Saturn in your 3rd House of Communication on Nov. 3.

You might even receive a bit of help from trickster Mercury -- retrograde in your 3rd House of Information until Nov. 10 -- requiring you to reprioritize your daily schedule so you can be even more efficient once it turns direct.

Later in the month, you're eager to widen your horizons and open your mind to new experiences when the Taurus Full Moon on Nov. 17 lights up your 9th House of Travel and Education. At the same time, the Moon's harsh aspects to Uranus and Pluto reactivate an unresolved interpersonal conflict from earlier this month, making it more difficult for you to spread your wings.

Although the Sun's entry into adventurous Sagittarius on Nov. 21 gives you the confidence to set lofty goals, Mercury's conjunction with stern Saturn on Nov. 25 slows you down long enough to make sure that you have all your facts straight before continuing on your way.

Keep in Mind this Month

There is a more serious side to play that allows you to explore your creativity productively while also having fun.

Key Dates for Virgo


Nov. 1-3: Now or Never

Sudden changes in a relationship take you by surprise and send you back to the drawing board to figure out a new game plan as shocking Uranus squares purging Pluto on Nov. 1. Fortunately, expressive Mercury helps you switch up your strategy -- if you're willing to say what's on your mind. Mercury is retrograde now, encouraging you to look back and reconsider your expectations. Its conjunction with the investigative Scorpio Sun in your 3rd House of Immediate Environment motivates you to dig beneath the surface to get to the core of what's going on. Initiating a difficult conversation can clear the air of negativity and permit you to move ahead in the following weeks. The Scorpio Solar Eclipse on Nov. 3 acts as a point of no return, thrusting you forward whether you're ready or not.

Nov. 27-30: Too Clever for Your Own Good

You can communicate your ideas with ease on Nov. 27-28, when gregarious Mercury in your 3rd House of Information forms positive aspects to friendly Venus and confident Jupiter. But an overindulgent Venus-Jupiter opposition on Nov. 28 entices you to focus only on the good stuff, which can make others question your motives. Although an ingenious Sun-Uranus trine makes you sound smart on Nov. 30, an annoying Mercury-Uranus alignment means that others may not be able to understand what you're saying unless you simplify your concept and explain everything very carefully.

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