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Virgo Career Horoscope: November 2013

You vs. the world

The urgency of managing details and messages that began late last month continues through the first ten days of November. Your cerebral ruling planet Mercury completes its retrograde period in your 3rd House of Information then, which should slowly get communications moving more smoothly in the second half of November.

Both the Sun and Mercury are in emotionally deep Scorpio, which is ideal for discussing delicate issues with someone you trust. If you'd like to back out of an agreement you've made, this is the time to do it. The Sun's conjunction with Mercury on the November 1 might not facilitate a free flowing conversation, but it's ideal for deeply examining yourself and your motivations.

Your capacity to see below the surface is what helps you make good decisions. This ability also means that you're more tuned into what others are thinking than usual, which can be excellent for negotiations. However, instinct alone is not enough since mastering facts is the other element needed to strengthen your bargaining position. Don't take what you hear as true until you've double and triple checked it for accuracy. People rely on you to separate facts from fluff, so do the research and don't let them down.

Still, your imagination can soar and your ability to speak with compassion and sensitivity grow when Mercury forms a creative trine with spiritual Neptune from November 9-11. The Sun shoots into outgoing Sagittarius and your 4th House of Roots on November 21, which is meant to open your mind to impractical aspirations. Yet if you find career inspiration during the next 30 days, you might be able to eventually turn it into reality.

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