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Virgo Love Horoscope: November 2013

One step back

The intellectual analysis you're so comfortable with shifts to a much more emotional place when November begins. Your brainy ruling planet Mercury is retrograde until November 10, making this a time to double back, recheck and rethink relationship issues. This transit occurs in your 3rd House of Communication, doubling down on the importance of careful contemplation before making important statements.

The Sun is also in Scorpio and in the part of your chart where this intense water sign floods your mind with feelings that aren't always practical. These are unfamiliar waters, where a different kind of logic is a work; it's the logic of feelings that take precedence over ordinary reason. Sure, this could spur some intense thoughts and difficult conversations that will feel less than safe and far from reasonable. But the purpose of these transits is to put you in touch with the underlying desires and fears that are at the base of most relationship issues.

Examining yourself more carefully can reveal unmet needs that must be addressed to have a fulfilling personal life. It's healthier to take what appears to be a step or two back from practicality and comfort to connect with the innermost parts of yourself. Making this journey will clear away concepts that sound good but don't satisfy you.

The Scorpio New Moon in your 3rd House of Communication occurs on November 3 and is joined by responsible Saturn. Having tough discussions can feel destructive, but it will provide the sense of purpose and passion required to make love come alive for you.

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