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Aquarius Career Horoscope for November 2014

Your defining moment

November will be a defining month for you professionally. During these last couple of years, you've had to endure several tests connected to your status in life, worldly ambitions and career goals. If you have not been true to what you know you're meant to do with your life, these tests might have been more difficult to go through. If, however, you're aligned with your vocation and have worked diligently to build yourself up to the level you hope to attain, this might have been a time of remarkable achievement.

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In November Saturn will make key aspects to other planets currently touring your 10th House of Career and Status. On November 12 he'll meet with Venus. Then, on the 18th the Sun will receive an annual conjunction to Saturn. Finally, on November 25 Mercury will align with Saturn. With all of these planets in your career sector, you can be certain that this area of your life will be a major focus now.

Possible manifestations of this energy connect to how well you work with your boss or those in positions of authority over you. On the 12th, you might feel undervalued or as if your boss is not appreciative of your contributions. Another way to use this Venus-Saturn energy consciously is to make a decision to focus on mastering your professional talents regardless of any approval or disapproval you receive.

On November 18 you might again feel as if you're not getting the credit due to you, and yet again if you choose to rise to the occasion and simply do the work, a reward will be in store shortly. A conversation with your boss on the 25th might help make him or her aware of what you truly want professionally. Although this month will not be easy, in the end you'll look back on this time frame as a necessary building block to help you create the future you want and know you deserve.

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