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Aries Horoscope: November 2014

Don't freak out!

Try not to allow financial worries to consume you near November 6. While it's possible that a source of income will dry up, at the same time you're in danger of overreacting to the situation rather than handling it logically. You're more than capable of finding a way to replace lost earnings. Don't allow your emotions to unravel you. Instead, develop a plan.

That might be easier to do than you think if you consult a professional for help. After November 8, you'll have an opportunity to discuss long-term financial planning with your advisor, accountant or even your spouse. On November 12, you may decide together where you can safely cut back.

On November 18, you'll need to address finances realistically; ignoring the situation will only make it worse. Then, on November 25, you might finally come to terms with a solution that's workable -- even if it involves a few sacrifices along the way.
The bright spot of the month happens on November 10, when your ruler, Mars, joins forces with Pluto in your career sector. You'll have plenty of motivation to launch a new professional endeavor, and you'll work tirelessly to ensure its success. After November 22, hope prevails.