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Cancer Love Horoscope for November 2014

Get serious

Love is serious business for you this month. With Saturn, the planet of lessons and commitment, touring your true love sector since October 2012, you're no stranger to hard knocks in the romance department lately.

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For some, this transit has been a lonely time in which you may have felt you'll never find love again. You couldn't be more wrong! Saturn in this part of your chart has been a stern teacher, demanding that you define a solid sense of what you want and know you deserve in love. Saturn is teaching you to not settle for anything less -- and if that means a dry spell, you'll only appreciate the next great love of your life even more.

For others, Saturn in this part of your chart hasn't denied love as much as introduced difficult circumstances to an existing love relationship. Perhaps you found the love of your life, but just when you thought everything was perfect he or she announces that a job offer in another state cannot be passed up. Suddenly, you're in a long distance relationship that may have its own set of frustrations. This is just one of many possible scenarios that have to do with challenging circumstances in your love life.

This month, Saturn will do a class act job of tightening things up in this area of your life. In many ways it'll be an ultimate test to whether or not this relationship has staying power. November 12, 18 and 25 will be days to watch for key developments. Above all, remain true to yourself. Love will always find a way.

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