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Capricorn Horoscope: November 2014

Kindness matters

A romantic relationship or a creative project will be a central focus early this month. Near November 6, you may feel an extra sense of fulfillment -- either with the artistic endeavor you're about to complete, or with how things are developing between you and your sweetheart.

Make the most of a super-charged empowering connection between Mars and Pluto in your sign on November 10 to move mountains in any of your personal goals or with a vital relationship. You'll be a source of indomitable strength and willpower on this day -- use it to your advantage!

Your role in a group or organization, or your relationship with a pal, might need serious attention near November 12, 18 and 25. Think carefully about how you want to spend your free time and the company you want to keep. It may be time to streamline.

Your compassionate side will be aroused after November 22. You might help someone who is suffering, and you'll do more for this person than you realize. Know that your kindness will be rewarded tenfold.