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Capricorn Love Horoscope for November 2014

Let's get physical

You'll have potent, lusty, romance potential this month, so be sure to use it well!

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A Full Moon in your true love sector on November 6 is a kind one in your chart, which means it's more likely you'll experience a fulfillment in love rather than any type of heartbreak. You may realize, for example, that you are completely in love with someone you've recently started to date. Another possibility is that the two of you will take the relationship to the next level physically. If this happens, you will feel as if you've met your absolute match!

Speaking of physical potency: With action planet Mars in your sign until December 4, you can anticipate more energy and a heightened libido. You'll have an easy time going after what (or who) you want near November 10, when Mars collides with Pluto favorably in your sign. This will give you the tenacity and willpower to win over anyone you pursue.

If you're in a committed relationship already, this will also give you and your mate an extra dose of heat. An argument is possible between the two of you on this day, but don't worry -- making up will be extra fun!

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