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Gemini Career Horoscope for November 2014

At your boiling point

Tension on the job will be high this month, since you'll be expected to do more work than ever before. If you're currently unhappy in your position, this will bring with it moments of overwhelming resentment. If that's the case, you might contemplate whether or not you're in the position you're meant to be in. Still, there isn't any strong indication that it's the right time to find a new job, so for the moment you'll need to figure out a way you can handle the extra assignments and lack of praise that November will likely bring.

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The reason for this sober work and career outlook has much to do with the planet Saturn. Touring your 6th House of Work since October 2012, you have been in a phase where you've been tested around how you do your work. Whatever is involved in your daily routine has been up for review, and in most cases you've had an opportunity to polish your craft and become more efficient.

Even so, we all have limits, and this month you may feel that the weight of expectation at the office is simply too much to bear. On November 12 Venus and Saturn will align, on November 18 the Sun and Saturn will be conjunct, and on November 25 Mercury will connect to Saturn. All of this energy is consolidated in your workday sector. If you truly love your job then this will be a month to gather all of your resources and be the consummate team player. A reward will come your way in a few weeks. If, however, you're chronically unhappy at work, you'll need to figure out a Plan B. It's time.

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