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Leo Career Horoscope for November 2014

The fire is burning

A Full Moon in your 10th House of Career on November 6 will likely put you in the spotlight. If you've been working hard toward a specific achievement, it's likely that you'll receive the recognition that you deserve now. In many ways this will be your time to shine, and you'll certainly notice that more attention is arriving from VIPs connected to your industry.

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On occasion, a Full Moon brings endings with it; however this Full Moon doesn't suggest one. If you do decide to leave your career path under this lunation, it's likely that you already have your ducks in a row to move on to something bigger and brighter. Emotional fulfillment appears to be the emphasis now -- not disappointment.

On the November 10 Mars and Pluto will join forces in your 6th House of Work. This is a powerhouse combination that will allow you to move ahead ferociously in order to meet a tight deadline, or to work on a new project with unparalleled vigor. One word of caution: This energy might leave you in an argumentative mood and you may also run short on patience. As a result, if there's anything happening between you and a colleague or someone you employ that leaves you feeling inflamed, you're better off turning the other cheek. If you engage in an argument, you might regret it once the dust settles.

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