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Libra Horoscope: November 2014

Don't overreact

Finances will be a central theme this month. Your ability to handle responsibly any situation that arises will depend on how things ultimately turn out. A Full Moon on November 6 might bring difficult news relating to health care benefits or insurance premiums. You may also learn that you will owe more taxes than initially anticipated, or that there is a change in your spouse's income.

If any of these situations come up for you, know that solutions are within your reach. Again, much depends on how you react. Will you go to emotional extremes and shut down because of your anxiety? If so, you can expect this to be more difficult of a problem to solve. If, however, you're prepared to act rationally and realistically to assess your options, you'll discover that you have a way through it.

Is it time to make cutbacks in your budget? Perhaps. If this is the case you'll see where you can trim the fat on November 12 or 18. A new budget can be implemented with success on November 25 because you'll have a solid handle on "what's what" by this time.

A bright spot for you this month has to do with communications. If there's a contract to negotiate or sign off on, do so after November 22. Also, if you're in the writing or sales industry you can expect money making opportunities after November 16.