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Libra Career Horoscope for November 2014

Let's be realistic

This will be a pivotal month for you as it relates to your earning power. Saturn, the planet of responsibility and commitment, has been touring your 2nd House of Income and Talents since October 2012. Now in the final stages of his journey, you'll notice that his grip is suddenly tightening and he's forcing you to learn, once and for all, what he has been trying to teach you about money and the correct use of your special skills.

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Ultimately, this has been a transit that forced you to tighten your belt and learn how to spend wisely on what is really important. Frivolous expenses may have gone by the wayside during this time and you might have felt that earning more money connected to work and career has been an uphill battle. This is more likely to have been the case if you haven't been using your talents wisely.

On November 12, 18, and 22, Venus, the Sun, and then Mercury will connect to Saturn and you'll be realistic about what it is you're really worth in your industry. This isn't the time to ask your boss for a raise however, since he or she might not be able to cooperate with your expectations. Still, it will be a time for long-term planning. What talents can realistically earn you money? How do you plan on utilizing them? Those are important questions to ask and answer now.

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