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Libra Love Horoscope for November 2014

A matter of trust

As early as November 6, you might notice a stronger urge to share true intimacy with your partner. If you're in a relationship, it's likely you and your mate will have an opportunity to reveal a part of yourself that is quite vulnerable. This might usually be where your guard is up, but now you'll feel as if those walls are ready to come crashing down.

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Even if you have a few reservations about what might happen next, the one thing you'll know for sure is that it's time to trust your mate with all of you. Otherwise, you'll begin to second-guess whether or not you have anything substantial together at all.

Fortunately, your ruling planet, Venus, wants to help you communicate your ideals and feelings about matters of the heart this month. From November 16 until December 10, Venus will tour your message sector, allowing you to share conversations about love and relationship with ease.

Look to November 26 for a dazzling opportunity to say what you really feel to your partner. While the words that come out of your mouth might surprise you, at the same time you'll feel liberated about being able to share your most unconventional thoughts to the one you love.

The only possible rub this month that might sour your otherwise perfect love fest is money. You and your mate could feel the crunch financially on November 12, due to a significant expense that affects you both. You'll get through it.

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