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Pisces Career Horoscope for November 2014

Sure-fire success

You begin the month with a Full Moon in your 3rd House of Communication on November 6. Your focus will likely relate to a sales or writing project that you're finalizing, and if so, it might be an emotionally charged situation. Fortunately you'll be in a solid position to handle it successfully. If a contract connected to your employment is coming to an end you'll renegotiate. Aim for November 11 to sign a new contract if this is happening for you -- especially if it involves international ventures or the publishing industry.

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On November 16 Venus will enter your 10th House of Profession, where she'll remain until December 10. Additionally, a New Moon will fall in the same area of your chart on November 22. These placements are virtual guarantees that success is likely in your career. Aim for after the New Moon to begin a new business venture or to reach for a promotion. Displaying your talents and charm to higher-ups will be easy. You'll also be in a great position to ask for a raise on November 26 when Venus trines Uranus. Your boss might even hold you up on a pedestal during this time. Lucky you!

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