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Pisces Love Horoscope for November 2014

Deep connections

You might need to address an important ingredient in your relationship this month. It has nothing to do with chemistry, but more to do with your core beliefs and whether or not the two of you are truly on the same page concerning them. If you are, this will be a month where you ultimately feel a deeper connection to your mate.

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If, however, your principles are not in line concerning a matter that's vital to you, this might lead to a time where you question whether or not you can continue to be with someone who differs from you in this area.

This may have to do with religious beliefs, but it might also be a moral stance you feel strongly about. Your mate might have an opposing viewpoint, or they simply might not be as passionate as you are about this particular topic. Look to November 12, 18 and 25 as days where this theme will be strong, allowing you both an opportunity to share your thoughts and gain personal perspective on what this means for your future.

From November 16 until December 10, love planet Venus will move through your career sector -- the part of your chart concerned with reputation and honors. You'll be most interested in connecting with a lover who not only earns your respect, but with whom you can feel proud showing off to the world.

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