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Sagittarius Love Horoscope for November 2014

Behind closed doors

You have a complex and somewhat contradictory influence of astrological patterns on the horizon. On the one hand, there will be no shortage of opportunity for you to receive the love you want. On the other hand, however, it appears you'll want to experience any romantic potential in the most private, discreet way possible -- at least until mid-month.

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On November 12, Venus and Saturn will connect in the area of your chart that rules privacy. As a result, you might feel that you and your lover need to sort out a serious personal matter behind closed doors. Another possibility is that you and your partner are in counseling. If so, this might be a time when your therapist helps you reach a sobering breakthrough about where things are going. If single, this may be a lonely time. You might give into thoughts that whisper nonsense about you never having love again.

Don't worry -- that voice is wrong! In fact, from November 16 until December 10, love planet Venus comes to your rescue. If you're single, you'll feel much more open to putting yourself out there with Venus now in your sign. Venus in Sagittarius will help you feel more confident and beautiful, and this will translate into being more approachable!

Furthermore, a gorgeous New Moon in your sign on November 22 signals a personal fresh start in relationship and personal goals. Then, as if you needed any more help, Venus will trine Uranus -- now in your romance sector -- on November 26. Get ready for someone special to take your breath away!

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