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Scorpio Horoscope: November 2014

Parting ways

Where you are in your most important relationship will be a focus near November 6. Although this will likely involve personal relationships, such as your spouse, this may also have to do with a business partner. In certain cases you'll decide that the relationship is no longer serving a practical purpose in your life, nor does it give you the emotional fulfillment you crave. If this is the case, you and this partner may decide to part ways.

Matters of the heart especially will be serious; you won't take any commitment you have with a partner lightly. Events on November 12 will help you decide whether or not you're valued in this relationship, or if you're giving more than you get in return. In some cases you'll be in a position where you need to give more now due to extenuating circumstances. If so, the weight will feel extra heavy near November 18. A decision that you make out of maturity is likely on November 25. You may not be happy about it, but you'll know it's the right thing to do.

While things may be tense in relationship matters this month, you'll have much to look forward to financially speaking. Expect money making opportunities to shine from November 16 until December 10.