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Taurus Horoscope: November 2014

Nourish your soul

Your emotional side will be out in the open on November 6, thanks to a Full Moon in your sign. Awareness is the name of the game, and with this lunation you'll feel enlightened about a vital personal matter -- for better or worse. Take time to nourish your soul by practicing self-care. Get extra rest and time alone to reflect on the changes you feel happening around you and within.

From November 8-27, you'll notice communication with your partner (business or personal) becoming busier. Listening to one another will be easier, and now will be an important time to make long term decisions together.

If you're married, November 12 and November 18 might be days that bring up a vital situation between you and your mate. A test to the relationship is possible. If your love runs deep, you'll pass with flying colors. If, however, you and your mate are struggling, this might be a time you question the validity of your union. A mutual decision can be reached on November 25. In terms of business, any partnership forged this month is likely to be long-standing. Make sure you want to be connected for a long stretch of time before you commit.

Shared resources perk up for you after November 16. You might receive a hefty royalty payment in the mail, learn about an investment paying off nicely, or discover that a bonus is on the way. This news becomes even more fulfilling after November 22.