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Virgo Career Horoscope for November 2014

Talk the talk

This might not be a game-changing month for you in terms of career, but that doesn't mean there's nothing happening. Everything seems to focus around communication.

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Saturn, the planet of limitation but also discipline and responsibility, has been touring your 3rd House of Messages since October 2012, with the intention of teaching you how to be a better communicator. Your conversational style has become more sober and carefully thought out, which has allowed you to convey your ideas in a masterful way. Authority figures might have initially criticized your plans, but now you've worked hard to become an expert in an area, and it will be clear that your expertise will serve you well professionally.

On November 12, 18, and 22, Saturn will make key connections to other planets in your 3rd house. First up is Venus, then the Sun and finally, Mercury. These alignments will challenge you to ignore any insecurity about your communication ability. A conversation with your boss is possible on November 22 and this may lead to a long-term change in any contract associated with your position. You have more control over the outcome than you realize. Remember: mind over matter.

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