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Aquarius Horoscope: November 2015

Professional horizons

A New Moon on November 11 in your 10th House of Career will be an ideal time to start a project that will help you reach your professional goals. You might even decide to initiate an important conversation with your boss about your career. Do so as close to November 13 as possible for best results. This will also be an ideal day to approach a potential investor if you're looking for seed money. He or she will likely be quite impressed with your business plan. Earlier in the month, on November 2, Mercury will have entered the 10th house of your chart. This will help you communicate ideas effectively -- and persuasively -- to any VIP.

If you're involved with any legal situation, there might be movement and even resolution this month. Pay attention to developments after November 12. You will fight for your rights but will do so in a diplomatic way.

You might finish up a creative project near November 25. Don't be insecure -- show it off! Romantically, you and your sweetheart might find yourselves at a crossroads at the end of the month. Do what feels right in your heart but don't forget to listen to your rational side as well. One doesn't have to negate the other.

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