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Capricorn Horoscope: November 2015

Moving mountains

Your career will be on fire in November! Venus will move into your professional 10th house on November 8, followed by Mars on November 12. With the planet of money and talents along with the planet of ambition here, it's clear that you're about to move a major mountain to help you reach an important goal. If you've been thinking about starting a new business, this will be an ideal time to act. If you want to apply for a promotion or pitch an idea to your boss, go for it. Success is not only likely this month -- it's your only option.

In other news, your social life will also open up after November 11. Branch out and consider attending events that you would usually avoid. You're likely to meet at least one new and very intriguing acquaintance. If you're thinking about launching a website or social media campaign, wait until after November 11 to act. If you aim for as close to November 13 as possible, the endeavor will likely succeed. After November 20, you might need to spend more time alone just to hear yourself think. Honor it. Conversations are not what they seem near November 26. Try not to expect too much from anyone at month's end. Promises might be unintentionally broken.

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