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Leo Horoscope: November 2015

A taste of something new

If you're looking to move, November will be a great time to begin looking. In fact, you might find something sooner than you think and end up in contract to buy as early as mid-month. November 13 will be an ideal day to do so. In fact, sign anything on that day with confidence.

A short trip might also be on the agenda this month. You and your sweetheart might enjoy a weekend getaway, or you might decide to travel with a sibling. A creative writing project will begin to shine after November 20 and your ideas will flow! Communication between you and one of your children or your sweetheart will also improve dramatically around this time.

If you're single, you might feel more inclined to mingle and date more. Speed dating is a wonderful option until December 9. On November 25, a friend might need your emotional support. Another possibility is that you will decide that you've outgrown a certain friendship and you and this person will begin to detach from each other.

Avoid any type of risky gamble or investment after November 26 -- disappointment is likely. If you're newly dating someone by month's end, don't disclose too much too soon about your finances. Also, if your new lover asks you for money it's a red flag. Walk away.

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