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Pisces Horoscope: November 2015

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Expect an ultra-sexy day for you and your mate on November 2, thanks to Venus and Mars embracing in your 7th House of Relationships. After November 8, you might hear news that your partner's financial situation is about to improve -- and this will surely delight you! Then, after November 12, you'll feel motivated to tackle any credit card or other debt you share. Make a plan that works for the two of you and commit to seeing it through.

After November 11, you might have an opportunity to go back to school. You might take the classes necessary to achieve certification or meet licensing requirements connected to your profession. Another possibility is that you'll begin making arrangements for an overseas trip. Wonderful!

Career news is likely after November 20. Mercury will enter your professional 10th house at this time, and until December 9 you might have more conversations with higher-ups than usual. This will also be a great time to pitch one of your bright ideas to your boss or to sign off on a contract connected to your career.

A Full Moon in your 4th House of Home and Family on November 25 might bring emotionally-charged news about a relative. Keep your schedule light at month's end so you're available to lend support.

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