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Sagittarius Horoscope: November 2015

Friends with benefits

Your social life will certainly pick up this month. From November 8 - December 4, it's even possible that you and a pal will go from friends to lovers. Don't be shy about exploring any mutual chemistry you share with a friend -- it looks like it is definitely reciprocated. After November 12, it's also possible that you will have more energy to direct in group activities. You might even decide to spearhead a humanitarian effort. If so, it'll be easy to gain the support of others.

A family matter might feel extra confusing on November 18. Sit tight and don't allow the uncertainty around you to unravel you. Sometimes, walking through a cloud is necessary in order to finally see the light. Mercury will enter your sign on November 20. Until December 9, you'll have an extraordinary edge when it comes to communicating anything important to you. Other people can't help but pay attention to your words now so use this edge wisely.

A business or personal relationship deepens or ends near November 25. Whatever the situation, your emotions will be heightened at this time and it'll be easy to overreact. Be gentle with yourself. Finally, don't hold onto any unrealistic expectations you might have connected to a relative on November 26. You'll only be disappointed.

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