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Scorpio Horoscope: November 2015

A personal fresh start

You'll be exceptionally sharp this month thanks to Mercury moving into your sign on November 2. Until November 20, you'll notice that it's much easier to get your point across and to express your most profound ideas. A New Moon in your sign on November 11 will signal a major personal fresh start. Whatever it is you want to initiate, be certain to do so in the two weeks following this lunation.

You might feel let down by your lover near November 18 or just confused about how to proceed with a romantic situation. Allow yourself to sit with the uncertainty rather than force an immediate solution.

An investment might reach maturity after November 25. Another possibility is that you will finally pay off a major chunk of debt you've had such as a student loan, credit card bill or even your mortgage. You may also hear news at month's end about changes that will happen to your insurance plan or other benefits connected to your job. You might feel as if you're "losing out" once you hear more details about whatever this is. Overall, do your best to keep things in perspective. You'll still be in a much better place than others. Count your blessings.

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