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Taurus Horoscope: November 2015

It's business

Your love life will be extra sweet on November 2. Communication improves in your relationship, and as a bonus your lover will also know exactly what you need in the bedroom. A fresh start in your relationship is likely after November 11. A commitment is possible which can be anything from deciding to go exclusive, moving in together or even marriage. Either way, it looks like it's time to update your Facebook relationship status!

You might also decide to take on a new business partner this month. Aim for November 13 to make it official. Work will be a key focus in November. With Venus and Mars both moving through your 6th House of Work after November 12, you'll have all the ambition and tact you need to work on a collaborative project.

Finances are highlighted near November 25. Don't make emotional decisions about your money. Also, be wary of accepting what seems like a quick fix solution to any debt you may have. Borrowing money from a friend would be a bad idea and if you take out a line of credit against your business, or with a bank, you're likely to regret it. You're usually so on point with finances Taurus. Don't allow your insecurity about money get the best of you. Whatever the situation is, there's no point in worrying excessively. Handle it.

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