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Gemini Horoscope: November 2016

Your future self will thank you

This month you might feel amped up to pursue an advanced degree or certification that will make you more marketable or help you switch careers altogether. Although the changes might take time -- at least a year -- initiating them now will help you ensure that you'll succeed.

Mars will enter your 9th House of Higher Education on November 9, where he'll remain until December 19. Launching an educational pursuit now is definitely going to give you an edge, even if you can't start classes just yet. A string of eclipses in 2017 will aim for the learning axis of your chart, and fortunately, they all look beautiful. As a result, you can be sure that the push you make now will yield positive results for your future. This will not be wasted time!

In other news, you might notice a financial boost from November 11 - December 7. If you're looking to secure a loan or line of credit, you should have little problem getting it. Another possibility is that an investment will pay off nicely, or you'll receive a generous royalty or bonus check.

The month ends with new relationship potential. A New Moon in your partnership sector on the November 29 will bring that energy your way.

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