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Libra Horoscope: November 2016

The pursuit of pleasure

If you have been going through a sexual dry spell you're in luck: the drought is over! Perhaps you and your sweetheart have been so busy lately that you have put each other's physical needs on the backburner. It's easy to do in the mix of hectic lives with work, family obligations, and other endless details pulling your time and energy away from each other. Fortunately, the universe has realized it's time to rectify the situation and is ready to provide you and your partner with some much needed relief. His name is Mars.

Mars rules libido, and once every two years he moves into the area of your chart connected to romance and fun. This month, that time has arrived! From November 9 - December 19, Mars will move through your 5th house, ensuring that the pursuit of pleasure becomes much higher on your priority list. If you happen to be single, you're likely to meet someone during this time that truly has the power to make your heart beat faster!

Your domestic life will also get sweeter this November. From the November 1 to December 7 you can anticipate more peace and harmony between you and your clan. You might also elect to begin a home decorating project during this time. If you're planning to buy a home, there might be gratifying news about a mortgage approval or an owner accepting your bid near November 14. Aim to sign any contracts -- including real estate contracts -- after the 29th.

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