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Sagittarius Horoscope: November 2016

A way with words

You'll have even more courage to communicate your ideas and opinions this month. After November 9, you might find that it's impossible to keep your thoughts to yourself, particularly if they are about politics or a humanitarian-related topic. Until December 19, you'll also have an edge in negotiations since you'll have the bravado to ask for what you know you deserve. Your voice might even be more intimidating to others, making it difficult for them to ignore your requests. Just remember to listen as much as you speak over the next few weeks to avoid any unnecessary conflict.

Finances look promising after November 11. In fact, until December 7 you'll be in a cycle that supports extra income. Consider asking your boss for a raise. Or, if you are thinking about getting a second job, you'll find that it's easy to do now. Expect results near the 14th. Another possibility is that you'll take on extra freelance assignments. They'll pay well.

The month ends with a New Moon in your sign on November 29. You'll feel as if a whole new chapter in your life is about to start, even if you're uncertain about the precise direction. Make it a page-turner!

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