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Taurus Horoscope: November 2016

Incredible prospects

You're going to crush it this month when it comes to career goals. Mars, the planet of entrepreneurial spirit, action, and stamina, will move to the top of your chart for the first time in two years on November 9. He'll remain in this powerful position until December 19, and during this time you'll have the most incredible prospects for success. Why? Because you will have every tool at your disposal to help you create your own success. This will be an ideal time to launch a new business since you'll have tremendous drive to ensure it flourishes. This will also be a perfect time to apply for a promotion or to begin pursuing a new career goal.

A Full Moon in your sign on November 14 adds to the emotional satisfaction you're likely to feel this month. Both personal and relationship fulfillment are likely to come your way now, so don't be nervous about having to close a chapter and turn the page in any area of your life. The universe truly has something more meaningful in store!

In other news, you might feel tempted to initiate a brand new investment or make a bold new financial move after November 29. Wait until all of your questions are answered before acting. While it does look promising, you might not have vital information that you'll need for another few days.

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