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Virgo Horoscope: November 2016

Working through it

This will be a hectic month workwise, but thankfully you'll have all the stamina you need to move through assignments. In fact, you might be determined to get yourself ahead of schedule somehow and will tackle items on your to-do list with incredible enthusiasm. Just remember not to sacrifice efficiency for speed. This isn't normally something you would ever do, but this month it's slightly more possible. Another possibility is that you and a co-worker will begin having problems. You may have a difference of opinion about how to tackle a project. Or, it's possible that you'll feel as if you're doing most of the work while your co-worker is not pulling his or her weight. You'll have to address this according to the situation.

In other news, your love life will see massive improvements this month. In fact, if you are single, pay attention to whom you meet from November 11 - December 7. Venus will tour your romance sector at this time, and it's possible that someone very special will capture your heart.

Family life will also receive more attention in November. Mercury will be in your home sector from November 12 - December 2, amping up communication between you and relatives. A New Moon in the same area of your chart on November 29 will bring a fresh start domestically. This may also connect to a move.

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