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November 2017 Horoscope: In Search of Something More

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There's a delicate balancing act connected to our dance here on Earth. On the one hand, we are plodding along in a corporal body, living in a physical world with all sorts of material conundrums to address each and every day. On the other hand, however, we are keenly aware that there is something more to this physical universe -- something not confined to our earthly being. In addition, we are harshly reminded of the temporary nature of life. When we die we cannot take any of those physical trappings with us. So we search for depth and meaning beyond our five senses, inviting in our sixth sense. Such is the dichotomy of Taurus and Scorpio ... and this will be your theme for November.

Manifesting your dreams

A delectable Full Moon in Taurus will occur on November 4, making a sublime link to dreamy Neptune. This luscious combination of energies will help bring the most amazing enjoyment in an area of life focused on physical presence and substance. A dream come true in the physical world, if you will. That means you have the distinct potential to realize a material goal or a sensual one.

More than realizing it however, you have the potential to feel more gratified than you ever imagined. Sometimes anticipation is more fulfilling than the actual event, since that is often where joy lies. With this Full Moon however, it's going to extend through the anticipation phase all the way past the climax. You will not be disappointed.

Feel with your heart

A New Moon in Scorpio on the November 18 will turn the tables. Now, you'll be asked to rely less on the tangible. It's time to trust your intuition about what is beyond the veil in order to achieve something remarkable here in the physical world.

With Venus and Jupiter also moving through Scorpio, you'll be reminded that life's greatest pleasures cannot be measured by this physical world. Or, perhaps they can be ... but only if you appreciate them in the context of their temporal nature. Nothing lasts forever and no one knows this better than Scorpio. In the immortal words of Helen Keller: "The best things in the world cannot be seen or even touched -- they must be felt with the heart." Scorpio season invites you to feel deeply. If you dare.

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