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Aquarius Love Horoscope for November 2017

Your #1 fan

Your partner will definitely make you look better this month. In fact, he or she could wind up becoming the man or woman behind your success. Here's why…

On November 7 Venus, the planet of love, will edge into your 10th House of Career, Status, and Reputation, and remains here through December 1. Now to be clear: Jupiter, the planet of blessings, is already there, and it's obvious that you're ready to move some serious mountains professionally. Having said that, it's very possible that during the month of November your sweetheart will become valuable in this process. The possible scenarios are endless. To start, your partner might have a connection to someone powerful or popular in your industry -- someone whose voice matters. A strategic introduction through your mate might lead to an opportunity to make a lasting impression on this key figure. And you certainly will!

Another possible way your sweetheart can help is simply by showing you unwavering support as you pursue a major career goal. Having the one you love be your greatest cheerleader can make all the difference between success and failure. This month, it's clear that your partner not only has your back, but truly admires you for all that you have already accomplished -- as well as what you aspire to achieve next.

November 13 might be a stellar day for romance thanks to the two of you celebrating a professional triumph. Success is definitely an aphrodisiac!

If you're single, you might fall for someone in your industry who you hold in high regard. After November 5, you might also find it easier to meet someone through friends, since your social life will pick up. A stimulating conversation on the 25th with one of your pals can easily turn into a romantic rendezvous!

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