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Leo Love Horoscope for November 2017

Getting to know you

Communication with your love will be sweet all month long thanks to Mercury traveling through your romance sector starting November 5. If you're dating someone, you can look forward to a month of really getting to know each other better. Expect plenty of long and meaningful conversations -- dialogue about topics that might even surprise you. The best part is that you'll genuinely enjoy talking to your lover. Expect a great mental debate near November 17 that will likely lead to passionate sparks in the bedroom. If you're single this might be a day when you finally have the courage to strike up a conversation with the person you've had your eye on. Go ahead and make a move -- you won't regret it!

On November 21 the Sun will move into your romance sector to signal that it really is time to shine a light on matters of the heart. You'll feel more optimistic than ever about the possibilities ahead. Then on the 25th, Mercury will be at a gorgeous angle to Uranus. An innovative conversation with your lover will lead the two of you in a most unexpected -- and stimulating -- direction. By the end of the month you and a new sweetheart might decide to take things to the next level. An exclusive relationship is quite possible. If you're married with children, you and your partner might make a serious decision about your family.

Stay tuned for next month when your love life gets even more interesting. You'll have Venus to thank for that!

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