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Libra Love Horoscope for November 2018

Back on the roller coaster

Just when you thought everything was calming down in your love life, there's about to be another shake-up. On the bright side, you might be very excited about what's about to transpire. In fact, you might even cause it.

The urge for experimentation, unconventionality, and freedom in your relationship will be strong and it demands expression. That can lead to instability, so in some cases, there might be a sudden separation on the horizon for you and your lover. This will only be the case if you're feeling suffocated in the connection. If being with this person makes you feel free, then you're good. In fact, you're more than good. If, however, your love life has gone into a stale rut and you feel trapped rather than liberated by love, something's got to give. And make no mistake: in November, it will. You'll also finally know your worth when it comes to love and relationships. You are no longer willing to settle for less than what you truly deserve. Good for you!

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