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Taurus Love Horoscope for November 2018

Partnership benefits

Taurus, let's be honest. In your perfect world, all roads lead back to food, money, sex, and stability. This defines your ideal version of life and love and is at the heart of your personal pursuit of happiness. In November, you might feel as if the universe is finally granting you every single point on your relationship joy checklist. A gorgeous New Moon in your partnership sector on November 7 signals a fresh start in an existing union that will deepen your commitment and intimacy quotient. If you're dating someone, it's about to go exclusive.

On November 8, Jupiter, the planet of luck and blessings, will move into your 8th House of Shared Resources and Deep Sexual Connection. This is where you get naked -- body and soul --with the one you love. You can make yourself vulnerable enough to look into each other's eyes during lovemaking and feel as though you are absolutely connected in the most cosmically transformative and rewarding way possible. It is deep sexual healing as well, so if you have needed some of that, it's on the way. With Jupiter here, you are also about to seriously benefit from your partner in a tangible way. You have someone in your life who wants to contribute financially but also in other concrete ways that will make you feel more secure in your life and in your relationship than you have in quite some time. With Venus turning direct in your 6th House of Service, you absolutely have a lover who wants to help you and love you through all of life's messy moments.

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